Dear Members,

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker

Leading the change needed a lot to be done, a lot to be practiced and a lot to be accomplished. With this goal in mind the Branch has worked with zeal, tenacity and perseverance to usher in some much needed changes at the branch level. Branch conducted more than 150 different programs this year for members and students.

I am very proud to share with you that due to this hard work

  1. Pune Branch won “Best Branch – 2nd prize” at National Level (only 10 branches out of 163 branches allover India were awarded as best branches)
  2. Pune Branch won “Best Branch – 1st Prize” at Regional level
  3. Pune WICASA – Students Association won “Best Student’s Association – 2nd Prize” at Regional level

One of the main objectives was to assimilate the modern technology at every possible opportunity. Biometric attendance, IVRS, Whatsapp communication, E-newsletters, live webcasts, cashless environment, coupled with traditional measures like suggestion boxes, green initiatives, were the targets, to name a few, that could be successfully achieved thus.


  • Setting-right of Stock Section: The Branch had a huge deficit in the records of publications’ stock that was continued over a period of almost a decade.For fetching in the total discipline in this part of administration have done the methodical implementation of appropriate systems for maintenance and records of the stocks through –
  • Stricter inspection at the entry point of the stocks;
  • Maintaining correct registers of daily transactions;
  • Weekly verification of Publication Stock;
  • Surprise visits to the section;
  • Periodical stock audits;
  • Also, started also the maintenance of stock registers of Memento, Stationery, fixed assets, Library reference books etc.
  • With view to bring-in an over-all time sense and punctuality, installation of Biometric Attendance Systems for Students & Faculties of GMCS, Orientation Course, ITT, Advanced ITT & Coaching Classes.
  • For implementing an effective administrative control and operational convenience, started facilitation centre for conducting students’ activities under one roof; at centrally located premises for providing the following services –
    • Coaching Classes;
    • GMCS & OP Section;
    • Extension Counter – for admissions, and distribution of students’ study material and publications;
    • Reading Room for students.
  • Renovations & revamping at ICAI Bhavan, Bibwewadi:-
    • Added convenient furniture at Cafeteria where the members & students are served food during the seminars/other events.
    • Plantation done as make over and for creating ecofriendly ambience in the premises
  • For continuous and instant flow of communications started using smart phone technology by creating WhatsApp groups of Managing Committee Members & Staff Members for day-to-daysmooth functioning at the Branch.
  • For enhancing the telephonic connectivity for members/students a initiated a call center facility through “Integrated Voice Recording System (IVRS)”.
  • For understanding the problems of members/students and to welcome their prolific suggestions, have putComplaint/Suggestion Boxes at every point of activity for members/students.
  • Economizing and saving on the resources viz. Electricity, water, paper etc.: By approached the authorities concerned and with appropriate representation, successfully reduced expenditure by changing the current commercial tariff to educational use.
  • For saving on the printing and distribution expenditure stopped publishing the monthly newsletters; and continued with the E-newsletters’ uploading on Branch website and mass e-mailing it to the members.
  • For increasing the efficiency in the Accounts section –
    • Installed two machines for Cash Counting and Currency Notes’ Checking.
    • Surprise Cash verification at frequent intervals by treasurer and maintain the register for the same.
    • In concurrence with the Central Government’s initiative for “Cashless Transactions” made available the Debit/Credit Card Payment Facility for members.
  • Installation of the additional assets viz. computer systems, printers for bringing-in efficiency and faster working.
  • Increase in the man-power by appointing new Branch-In-charge and other supervisory level staff members at Branch level in accordance with the long awaited implementation of the ICAI Branch Employee Scheme-2014.
  • Infrastructure audits done to putting-right few systems such as firefighting system, Water leakage repairs for underground water tank, setting up barrier free infrastructure as per ICAI guidelines, in the Branch premises for convenience of the differently abled persons.
  • For the sake of transparency and good governance, minutes of the managing committee meetings are made available to the interested members of Branch.


  • Facility for relaying Live Webcast for Members.
  • Formation of Various Committees of Experts to discuss various drafts, model laws, Budget & forward the suggestions on the same to ICAI.
  • Various Interactive meetings and events with government departmental officials of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Customs and Excise etc.
  • Various initiatives for Brand Building of the ICAI.
  • Membership drive.


  • Relaying of the Online Mentoring Sessions for Students.
  • Coaching classes for all the subjects.
  • Organizing lectures by Star faculties for students on varied subjects viz. motivational, professional and academic.
  • Industrial and educational visits to various places
  • Youth Festival “Jallosh” – with almost 450 participants
  • National Convention of Students with 3525 number of participants


  • Inter firm cricket
  • Inter firm drama competitions
  • International yoga day
  • Swachha Bharat Abhiyan in and around city.
  • Doctors’ day – disseminating the detailed information pertaining to the Intensive/critical care unit in association with the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine.
  • CSR activities – health check for members; Tree plantation; blood donation camps for members and students; cultural evening and felicitation of the noted members of society who achieved success and rendered effective social services in various aspects.

One year of chairpersonship is too short a period for bringing in the much desired changes in every field relating to the Branch. Some proposed activities like installation of solar system at the branch building shall not only conserve energy but also cut costs considerably. On technology front, Video Conferencing & free Wi-Fi facility for Members & Students is the new step taken. The proposal is already submitted for approval. Continuous knowledge updation is an ongoing activity. Keeping that in view, various workshops and seminars are in the pipeline. As I would continue as a managing committee member for next two years, I will see to it that it will get done during this tenure.

Off course through all these waves of change we must not forget our essence as a noble fraternity. And I believe that our essence, which is the key to our success as a professional community, is: integrity, hard work, fairness and patriotism.

The detailed activity report has been uploaded on the website of Pune Branch for your reference.

This “success” could not have been spelt without “U”. Thank you very much for being with me in all my action plans, actions, planning, visions and for your active support.